February 7th, 2009

Back in black


Some say….that he is Ben Collins but The Stig’s true identity still hasn’t been publicly declared. With the online media and newspapers sprawling over different claims about whose identify lies behind the tame racing drivers helmet, Top Gear want to keep the media buzz around.

The latest trick Stiggy’s PR company has pulled off, is that of his predecessor emerging from the sea where it was thought he had died after driving off an aircraft carrier. Take a look at the video for yourself below.

Over the last week TopGear.com has claimed that the Stig is such personalities as President Obama and the great Graham Hill. With all this faffing around, I am under the impression that they may have actually been rumbled. But does this actually matter? So what if the Stig is Ben Collins? If it is him, we can all applaud him publicly for being a bloody brilliant driver and award him with an open-top bus tour around the streets of London to see his adoring fans. If it isn’t him, the mystery will continue until another wild guess hits the pages of the Daily Mail.

For now lets hope that the resurrected ‘Black Stig’ has a Darth Vader and Luke style encounter, ending with a 10 lap F1 shoot out around the Top Gear test track. Now that is T.V I would want to watch.

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