April 22nd, 2010

Go grabber blue Volvo

Volvo is trying to shake off their image of a Grandad’s car by spunking up the brand with cars drifting in their ads and face-lifting their outdated boxes. But now they have gone one step further with the help of Polestar Performance and bright grabber blue paint.

Polestar is Volvo’s engine technicians for road cars and race car tuners for the Swedish Touring Car Championship. They have a pretty good CV in racing by modding and racing 850’s, S40’s, and S60’s. In 2009, Polestar won the STCC for Volvo Cars with the C30, a car they developed completely from scratch – so they know what they are doing.

What you see here is a Volvo C30 which has been manhandled by people who build race cars and want them on the road. They started with a stock C30 which gets its power from a 2.5-liter, 227-horsepower turbocharged five-cylinder, and then Polestar opened it up to a massive 405 horses thanks to a large KKK turbo, massive intercooler and custom internals. With Brembo brakes on all four corners and an aerodynamic bodykit this car looks the Swedish part.

Unfortunately this is only a concept to be unveiled at the Gothenburg Motor show. But why don’t they make it? This would be Volvo’s ballsiest decision and one which would probably pay off. So where are your cojones Volvo? Are you chicken?