May 13th, 2010

Jeremy Clarkson’s nightmare

Rat rods are pretty spectacular things. Custom built cars that intimate the bare bones of early hot rods of the 40s, 50s, and 60s. I am mesmerised by most of the unfinished rat rods but this one takes the biscuit.

Made from a higgledy piggledy bunch of parts, this car is nearly impossible to decipher what the hell it is. I just know it is Jeremy Clarkson’s nightmare because how the hell do you get in it? There is a trap door, or maybe it is a ‘rat door’? To get in I think it involves a couple of tubs of grease and someone to give you a strong push. Once you are in, be careful of sucking up children or small adults in those headers – they are massive.

For cars that  are meant to be the visualization of the idea of function over form and  meant to be driven, not shown off, I guess this rat rod is the exception that breaks the rule. But who cares? It is awesome.