May 20th, 2010

The Battle of Rome

If you don’t know who Alex Roy is I would recommend reading his book The Driver which gives you an insight into why he became a car cult hero. In brief, Alex Roy is a Gumball veteran who has one the Spirit of Gumball trophy and in 2006 set a transcontinental driving record across the United States in 31 hours, 4 minutes in his trusty E39 M5.

Roy is quite a charachter and uses various police disguises to mislead people to allow him to stick the pedal to the metal. In this first part you will get an insight in to the legendary ‘Battle of Rome’ where Alex battled with a blue Porsche 996 X50 for the finish of the 2005 Gumball 3000. If you have never quite got the madness of the Gumball, watch and learn.