May 25th, 2010

Motorsport is dangerous

With the huge leaps that safety in motorsport has taken over the past few years, as spectators we can be led into a false sense of security that the drivers can survive almost anything nowadays. However events from this weekend show that although racing cars aren’t quite the daredevil activities of the 1950s with cross cut wheels and no seat belts, every time a driver straps them self into a car they are putting their life on the line for something they love.

At the Super Trofeo Cup series at Brno in the Czech Republic, Giorgio Bartocci’s number 22 Gallardo LP560-4 stepped onto the gravel on the last corner before the pit straight and careered into the pit wall where it turned into a multi-million pound fireball. Bartocci was left dangling out of the side of the Lamborghini engulfed in flames unable to get out. From the video below you can see that marshals and fire crew seem under prepared for the task at hand as they are more concerned about saving the car than the driver inside. Bartocci’s pit crew are actually the people that instigate getting him out and not the fire service.

Reports are saying that the FIA is expected to investigate the incident and subsequent work of the emergency services. Amazingly, Bartocci survived the ordeal and is currently in intensive care with fractured ribs, a broken leg and second-degree burns over 40% of his body.

We wish Giorgio Bartocci all the best in his recovery. And kids, remember motorsport is dangerous.

P.S This video is not intended to glorify rubbernecking in the name of someone’s plight like many viral videos do. Some scenes are quite chilling so if you are of a sensitive disposition, it is best you just read another one of our articles.