June 8th, 2010

Le Mans 2010: The punters perspective

It has come to that crazy time of year again – Le Mans! After a couple of pub meetings we are off to Circuit de la Sarthe tomorrow (today if you are reading this on Wednesday) and we want to digitally take you there too.

Le Mans is kind of a working holiday. We haven’t got our normal press passes becasue we are there to enjoy the show, have a laugh with our mates and look at nice cars. But one thing we won’t be able to do is get off Twitter. So if you don’t follow @motormorph I would becasue we will be bringing oyu all the best cars and action from around the track and campsite (prepare for drunken blurred photos).

If you are going, come say hi! I am travelling with my good friends from the Le Mans Curry Club (LCC) and as per usual we are in Maison Blanche. There will be motormorph.com stickers slapped on some of the cars and if you see a sunburnt, drunk and lanky guy walking round in a motormorph t-shirt, you will be looking at the man typing these words on the page.

If you have never been to Le Mans check out some of the madness that goes on below and book this time next year off work and come and join the party.

P.S If you are a football fan we are going to try and show the England vs. USA game in full HD, so come along and watch.