August 4th, 2010

Peugeot 308cc: It’s for girls…

Recently I had a Peugeot 308cc for a week. I could go into detail about how it drives, how it’s not very dynamic or fun, but is very relaxing and easy. I could tell you that it’s not very fast from a standstill, but that it has sufficient torque when on the move.

But you know what? It’s all irrelevant. It’s a coupe cabriolet, and so nothing matters more than how it looks, and not to you or me, but to girls. Girls are the single most important factor when it comes to coupe cabriolets, not performance or reliability, road-holding or price.

Incidentally, I’m a boy. Which means I’m in no position to tell you anything else, really. But I’ve done a bit of research into these ‘girls,’ and I’ve discovered a lot of interesting facts. For one, you can’t repair them with an adjustable spanner, and for two, they don’t run on unleaded. But more shockingly, I haven’t met one that dislikes the grinning Peugeot face. I’ve got to point out that I didn’t ask all girls, but any that saw the white behemoth I was driving immediately liked it.

Additionally, I know girls who drive Peugeots, like my Mum. I asked her what she liked about them, and she told me they were ‘nice to drive.’ That confused me. Nice? What? Like they massage you while you shred their tyres? They automatically seek Classic FM when you’re dialling in opposite lock mid-bend?

I didn’t understand. But it’s because I’m not a girl… girls don’t seem to want to drive very fast, or to do anything ridiculous like burnouts or redlining every gear change and the 308cc is perfect for them. It’s stable, easy to drive, pleasant to sit in and, if you’re a girl at least, it looks good.

So there we go. Peugeot 308cc. It’s for girls.

John Slavin

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