June 30th, 2009

Aston Martin offset carbon emissions with funky new city car


When you think Aston Martin you think James Bond, fast cars and big polluting engines. But in the near future you may have to think again. Aston Martin has released some images of their new ‘Cygnet’ concept car, which is essentially Toyota’s iQ dressed up in its best glad rags.

The £20,000 city car has been engineered by Aston Martin to give their supercar owners something to take into the city as up to 30 per cent already own a small town run around such as a Smart Car.

When Greenbang spoke to Aston Martin’s product communications manager Matthew Clarke he said: “The Cygnet was not the result of a motivation to lower Aston Martin’s CO2 emissions it was to offer our customers an alternative.”

By having Cygnet in Aston Martin’s fleet will allow the company to reduce their overall carbon emissions by offsetting the larger V12 engine’s emissions onto the tiny Toyota’s 1.3 litre four-cylinder engine.

Aston Martin Chief Executive, Dr Ulrich Bez said: “Now is the right time for Aston Martin to take this first bold step to embark on this special project – made possible with the support of an organisation of Toyota’s stature and capability and the intelligent design and perfect city car package of the iQ.”

The partnership between Aston Martin and Toyota started in 2007 when both companies were testing at the Nurburgring in Germany. Matthew Clarke said “Dr Ulrich Bez and Toyota’s Akio Toyoda think very alike and created a great friendship which led to this project and the beginning of 2009.”

So here’s the catch. The Cygnet will only be available for sale to previous owners of Aston Martin’s or to new buyers purchasing any of the other cars from the British marque.

We are told that we could possibly see the bold new car as early as the Frankfurt Motor Show, but there are no concrete plans set in place.