November 4th, 2009

The revival of the Art Car

P90053383Special edition cars are generally always cool, especially when companies try to express their artistic side.

BMW made ‘Art Cars’ famous with the original BMW 3.0 CSL back in 1975. Since then there has been a distinct lack of artistic expressionism on cars. The closest thing we have had to an Art Car was a Z4 drifting around in some paint, but lets be honest that was pretty lame.

Now BMW has seen sense and allowed the art to continue on their youthful and cheeky brand Mini.

When the first Art Cars came out, the best artists of the 70’s were asked to do their thing on the bodywork. Mini have done the same in ’09 by letting the graffiti artist, KR, show off his best street art skills.P90053382

Using his signature style and his signature ink – Krink (see what he did there) he decorated the car with a dripping wet paint effect. This trademark which he left scattered all over New York in the late 90’s, makes the Cooper S stick out from the crowd and revives a bona fide Art Car.

To the untrained eye it may look like someone parked their car under a flock of Pigeons with bowel problems, but to me it looks frickin’ cool.

Hopefully this will get the Art Car ball rolling once again and one day we will see a Banksy edition 1 Series.