February 17th, 2011

Supercabs are here!

If you are a car enthusiast, a trip in a Taxicab is quite different to any other punter. Depending how anally retentive/geeky you are about cars, your impressions of the car and driver start before you have even opened the door to get in.

You can tell quite a lot about what kind of habits the driver has by the vomit stained steed in which he is sat in. If a Nissan Primera arrives outside your door, it will be diesel, the engine will never see any more than 1500 revs per minute and the driver will be sat on a wooden beaded seat cover and will be sure to get you lost. On the contrary if a 5.0L V10 VW Phaeton which has been chipped arrives at your door (which has happened before) the driver will claim to be ‘The Fastest Taxi Driver In The World’ (which he did quote) and will drive like a complete nutter as he knows all the not so short, short-cuts.

Having sampled a variety of Taxicabs, we went on a worldwide search for some of the best cars to be graced with a yellow illuminated light and a chronically overpriced meter and found some interesting results.

There is nothing worse than stumbling into the back of a taxi after a heavy night on the town and being greeted by the wallowy ride of a well worn in Peugot 406. Taxi drivers claim that 99 per cent of their passengers throw up because of to much alcohol. I, on the hand, believe it is due to poor chassis/suspension set ups.

It would seem that the Russians would agree with this highly scientific fact as their Hackney Carriage is a TechArt Magnum modified Porsche Cayenne. Having suspension that is lowered by 30 millimetres it makes the Cayenne accessible for everyone from children to the elderly. In addition they are also fitted with adjustable performance air-ride suspension so you can firm up or soften the suspension depending on the passengers intoxication.

In London, Virgin Media offered the services of an Aston Martin DBS, Ferrari F430 and Porsche Turbo to get people around the city, not necessarily quicker but in a hell of a lot more style. When you are sat in a Aston Martin DBS you don’t mind the meter racking up a jackpot figure when the V12 is rumbling – in a normal TX4 you are left gauging your eyes out to stop looking at the meter.

Buying a Ferrari Enzo is a big financial commitment. Luckily some bright spark in Oman didn’t opt for the million month financing deal but instead uses an Enzo as Muscat taxi cab. With the traditional taxi decals the Enzo won’t stand out that much but there is only enough room for you and your faithful late night kebab – so be careful not to get garlic sauce on the carbon fibre!

Having an Audi R8 as a taxi is probably one of the better Supercab choices. Being one of the easiest supercars to live with you won’t mind sitting in it for a 10 hour shift blasting your way around the city of Palermo. However taxi drivers can’t give up all their traits as this one has gone for the more economical V8 – should have gone for the V10 mate and boosted your meter price, mate.

You probably thought it was only hip hop moguls who could roll around in the back of a Maybach 62. Well, in Moscow any pauper can pop in the back of this luxo-barge, whether you want to is another story though.

What do you get if you mix a Porsche Panamera Turbo and a taxi? The Taxamera of course. With a 4.8 litre twin-turbocharged V8, a capable four- wheel drive system and enough room in the boot for all your holiday luggage this is the cab you need when you are running late for a flight.

Words: Rowan Horncastle