December 5th, 2008

Ready, Steady, Whizz



With The Times reporting that electric car sales have fallen by more than half this year, I have found the solution to boost those figures back up. 

While avoiding work for as long as possible, I was doing my daily search round the world of Youtube and  found this very interesting video. It is an all electric drag race – “WHAT!? Aren’t drag races the place where overweight people watch high power, noisy, polluting vehicles tear up the tarmac to prove their manliness” I hear you scream. Well yes they are, but now the new generation are in town.

The race was between the highly renowned Tesla Roadster and the less well known Commuter Cars Tango, lets just say  the results buck the trend. The Tesla obviously looks a hell of a lot more appealing, but if speed is your thing the Tango is for you. This vid proves that EV’s aren’t the slouch that some people believe. 

Check out the vid below if you don’t believe me and comment if you want to voice your opinion. But it looks like the battery boys will be back at the drag strip very soon.