February 23rd, 2010

An EV for people with petrol in their blood

We are constantly being told that going electric is the future of motoring. As we showed in this picture from the 1980′s, their view of motoring was quite different to where we seem to be heading. But it seems that we can still keep some of the Hot Rod dream alive with the Ford E-Rod.

This ’33 Ford Hot Rod has been stripped and filled with the latest electric tech, making an environmentally clean but very cool car. The car is powered by three electric motors made by the same people who are hooking Fisker up. Carlo Kopf, an engineer on the project tweaked the software to create a beast.

“We went from 650 newton meters to 1,000 newton meters,” Kopf said. “We’re pushing this motor to the very limit.”

In old terms this electric motor is putting 737 pound feet of torque onto the road and 305 horsepower. This means a 0-60 time of sub four seconds. Quick then.

Some American’s have had a bit of an issue with the Tesla’s European styling, but this out and out American new-age muscle car just screams Stars and Stripes. If this is the future, I can’t wait to get old.

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