May 12th, 2010

Most powerful street legal Porsche ever

The Porsche GT2 was hardly known for being a sluggish and tame. But that hasn’t stopped the speed freaks in Stuttgart from putting nearly 100 more horses under the bonnet and slapping an RS badge on the boot.

What you see here is the 2011 Porsche 911 GT2 RS, or what we like to call ‘assisted suicide’. 620 twin-turbocharged horses from a 3.6-liter engine will fire you to sixty in 3.4 seconds, past 200 miles an hour and whizz you around the ‘ring in 7 minutes 18 seconds.

The GT2 RS is officially the most powerful street legal Porsche ever. Who said that the car industry was set to get boring? The 3,020-pound Porsche has lost 154 pounds (70 kilograms) in comparison with the previous 911 GT2. This is with the help of a lot of carbon fibre components which are finished in a contrasting matte black – very cool.

What is surprising is that the 2011 GT2 RS achieves a reduction of approximately 5 percent for both fuel consumption and CO2 emission reduction when compared with the previous 911 GT2. Basically Porsche are having one’s horsepower cake and eating it too.

If you would like to dabble with this madness you will have to be quick as only 500 units will be produced worldwide with a price tag of £165,000.