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Driven: BMW 1 Series M Coupé
Monday, June 6th, 2011 by

Driven: BMW 1 Series M Coupé

Four hundred and fifty. That is precisely how many of these little 1 Series M cars BMW is planning to sell before each dealer has to borrow a Sold Out sign from the nearest bakery specialising in overly-warm cake products. To put that number in to perspective, it is roughly half the amount of Z3 M ...

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Monday, January 10th, 2011 by

Motorway madness

Motorway driving; love it or hate it, chances are you won’t be able to avoid it. In theory, such open road motoring can verge on being relaxing, yet only when everyone else is behaving themselves, which inevitably they aren’t. Personally, I always regard such mile munching as being a bit like line dancing. This is ...

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Driven: Jaguar XKR Speed and Black pack
Monday, October 4th, 2010 by

Driven: Jaguar XKR Speed and Black pack

There is a television advert for Jaguar’s new XF that is doing the rounds at the minute, and I can’t help but have a little smirk every time I see it. You probably know the one, the voiceover basically announces that the XF saloon won “Whats-it Car of the Year 2010”, then “Something-or-other Car of ...

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