March 26th, 2010

A masterclass in drifting a kei truck

The kei truck or keitora as it’s known in Japanese, is an absolute staple of life in rural Japan. You may have seen Jonny Smith (@carpervert) and Tom Ford (@tomwookieford) on Fifth Gear trying to build Bedford Rascal drift machines. Well it ended horribly, with Tom ending up with 17 breaks in his foot and having to have a metal wire inserted through his toes to fix him back together.

Luckily the kids in Japan have mastered the skill of keitora drifting and you can see it here, as well as Fifth Gear’s attempt. If you like small Japanese Kei cars, join us on Twitter for our daily game of #keioftheday. #keioftheday is a picture game, where you have to correctly guess what Kei car we have selected after it has been shrouded in an array of aftermarket parts. If you fancy your chances follow @motormorph for more info.