July 9th, 2010

Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang

Mercedes. When you think of them three words will top the list, German, refined and efficient. This is all well and good but now being in the 21st century those three things descriptions are exaggereated in all of their new cars.What I love, and I am not the only one, is older Mercs. They are all still German, refined and efficent but because they have stood the test of time they have had a bit of rawness sprinkled all over them.

What I love even more is when second-hand buyers in the US who buy these rawer German executive barges and cut the springs, hang either a ‘Crip’ or ‘Blood’ bandannas out the side and throw gang signs out the window when they are driving along.  These cars appeal to the gangster/hip hop community because of the three descriptions you think of when you think Mercedes. Problem is, being German isn’t very hip so they take the German description out of the cars and replace it with add ‘swagger’and ‘steeze’.

The examples we have included all sit better on their wheels for being lowered and having wired rims. They maybe a bit Jimmy Saville, being old aged but still dressing up in youthful tracksuits but that is kind of cool. All of them have character but are the civilised gentleman of the street in car terms, the godfathers of road cars.

So next time you see a slammed W115 cruising the streets of South Central Los Angeles, tip your hat to the driver for keeping the car alive and fresh and more importantly swaggerlicious.