March 31st, 2010

Crazy car configurators

Buying a car is a big decision, especially if it costs as much as a small house. You save for half your life to get the motor of your dreams, you go to the dealer to have a look round a test car and then you love it so much you decide to order one.

You proceed to tick all the tiny little boxes for the options you want and then most importantly choose the your paint, by means of the ridiculous one inch square colour charts. Problem is when you turn up to collect your factory fresh new ride you  realise the red paint you chose is not quite the red paint you got. If only there was some way that you could see your brand spanking new ride – with all its extras – before you sign on the dotted line. Well luckily online car configurators have taken off quicker than a duck with a firework up its arse.

If you search on most car makers websites you can customise most things from a Mondeo to a McLaren. This can be endless fun and is a great distraction from doing some real work. You can either go down the sensible route and configure your dream car, or go down the hooligan route and destroy someone elses dream car. Luckily I have done both so you can see what I mean.

McLaren have just launched an online configurator for their new supercar, the MP4-12C. You can play with it here. But here is my ideal McLaren and a run down of its options.

Firstly, paint was the biggest decision to make. The McLaren is an odd one because it hasn’t really got its own colour, Ferrari’s have red and Lambo’s have yellow, orange and lime green. I avoided the launch colour ‘Volcano Orange’ because I think most people would go for that, and black is too subtle. I ended up choosing ‘McLaren Orange’ which is actually bright yellow, mainly because it reminds me of the old Harrods McLaren F1.

Then I started to accessorize. Money was no object for me, I went with the Sultan of Brunei’s mentallity. Everything that can be carbon fibre is, to save weight … for the two piece luggage set. Black rims with yellow calipers with matching racing seats and I think I am onto a winner. I finished off by ticking the ‘I am interested in buying a McLaren please contact me’ box, I don’t know what this means but I hope I get a phone call from Ron Dennis saying my car is ready.

If you get bored of designing your dream car why not make a Brüno Gehard spec Quatrroporte S? Or a limited edition Porsche/Marmite collabo GT3? You can do that here and here. If you have any other good car configurators email us at or tweet us @motormorph.