April 6th, 2010

Rapide Racer

Oh, wait! Can someone just pick Aston Martin Chief Executive, Dr Ulrich Bez off the floor, it seems he has fallen off his rocker – again. News has just come in that Dr Bez has had a fresh dose of disco biscuits and now wants to pilot Aston’s new four door Rapide during the Nürburgring  24-hour race. We haven’t heard madness like this since, er… the Cygnet. But this is Aston Madness we like.

The Rapide will compete in near-standard specification apart from mandatory changes required to compete in this most demanding of endurance races – no back seats for passengers then. The Aston team will be made up of Bez and engineers from the company’s Gaydon headquarters (talk about fringe benefits).

Aston are taking the whole road car family to the legendary Nordschleife, with slightly modified V12′s and V8′s racing. I hope the Rapide does well becuase we haven’t seen a practical racing car since Volvo  ran an 850 estate in Touring Cars. Our only wish is that Aston get the paint pots out and splash the Gulf Racing colours over the Rapide, then it would be well mint!