September 14th, 2009

Morgan 4/4 blasting around Millbrook

The Morgan Motor Company is one of the last bastions in the British motor car manufacturing game. At Morgan they are true Brits, they build cars in a shed, eat sausages and use seemingly archaic materials such as wood to make fantastic sports cars.

The Morgan 4/4 is the Grandad of the pack being a motoring icon and holding one of the longest production runs in the world.

Motorfood was lucky enough to have a go in one around Millbrook’s legendary Hill Route last week. The sound of the tiny 1.8 litre Ford engine parping away around the Alpine circuit was amazing. Admittedly it wasn’t the tautest car in the world, but having a car where the front didn’t feel connected to the rear puts an extra smile on your face.

Sorry about the atrocious video quality but we didn’t have time to set up a camera rig. We  just had to strap into the four-point harness and hold the cam in our lap. As you can imagine this wasn’t the easiest thing in the world around a circuit which is designed to test every part of a cars handling. So sit back and enjoy the sound, tyre squeals and scenery.

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