April 10th, 2011

Twin-turbo awesomeness

The human body is pretty mega. Think about all the guts and organs slushing around inside you right now. Now think of the guts of a car. They are not as slushy as ours and it is quite a challenge for manufacturers to fit these mechanical guts into the tight internals of a supercar.

Now there are some people in the world who like to add more guts to their cars. These come in the shape of big horsepower twin-turbo conversions. This is like going to a plastic surgeon and asking them to take you large intestine out and have it to replaced with a new one the size of a fireman’s hose and made out of titanium. When things get bigger space is limited, which means you have to get creative. In order to fit all the components of a high horsepower turbo kit into a car requires a spiraling and looping network of shiny expensive metal – which looks bloody awesome.

The Harley Street doctors of the twin-turbo world are Underground Racing. Based in North Carolina they are the people to go to if you want your Lamborghini Murcielago, Gallardo, Ferrari F430, Dodge Viper, Audi R8 or Ford GT injected with a serious amount of  go. We are not talking your local car tuning shop upgrade of 60ish horsepower, we are talking Lamborghini Gallardo’s with 1500hp at the wheels. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below.

If you fancy some of this cyborg like tuning action, a stage one twin-turbo Gallardo kit is going to set you back $39,000. But that is only the start as kits range from Stage 1 to Stage 3. The stage 3 kit gives you a thousand horses at the wheels for $100k. But if you want to get really serious with your horsepower UGR offer a special package for people tiptoeing on the edge of the cliff of insanity.

Lets say you want, ummm I don’t know, 1600 horsepower and a top speed in excess of 250 miles per hour? Not a problem. UGR can hook your standard Murcielago or SV with a  900 wheel horse power turbo kit that will only set you back $109,000. 1600 horsepower + the price of a Lamborghini Murcielago SV + $109,000 = bang for your buck. Think about it. That is quite a bit shorter of the asking price of the Bugatti Veyron with similar performance.

Now you must be thinking that with all this power UGR tuned cars must be impossible to drive and will blow up at any point. Well the boys from North Carolina stress that all their modified cars are as easy to drive as the stock ones that drive into the garage before going under the knife. As for them blowing up. All Underground Racing cars come with a 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty as long as the car is serviced with Mobil 1′s posh 15W50 engine oil.

Words: Rowan Horncastle