May 8th, 2011

Unboxing: Porsche GT3 RS 4.0

After months of churning around the internet rumour mill the last ever 997-series model 911 is here. Say hello to the GT3 RS 4.0 everyone.

Taking inspiration from the RSR race car, this GT3 is one hell of a weapon for the road. With the engine being increased from 3.8 litres to 4 litres you get a total of near enough 500hp (493hp) – or a stonking 125hp per litre. That is the same power as a 911 Turbo but without using two massive turbochargers which will make for an astonishing noise from the naturally aspirated motor. Torque is also up to 341lb ft.

If you put your ear next to your internet router you can here a huge sigh of relief from Porsche forums who are still elated at the news that this RS comes with three pedals and a stick to change gear, instead of the much rumoured PDK system.

Other changes include a very pricey crankshaft from the RSR race car and plastic bonnets and wings taken from the GT2 RS project. The rear screen and rear side windows are also lightweight meaning that it weighs in at 1370kg –10kg less than the old RS. This isn’t a lot but there wasn’t much left to take out, just parts to be replaced with lighter ones. Even so, with the weight down and the power up it means that the power-to-weight ratio of 365bhp per ton is up over the 329 found in the 3.8 RS.

There are aerodynamic tweaks like the awesome pair of front dive-planes that provide enough additional downforce at speed to warrant the rear wing being set with extra rake. This does not increase the top speed but significantly helps cornering at high speed and recently lapped the Nurburgring  in a time of 7 minutes 27seconds.

Only 600 GT3 RS 4.0s will be made, making it twice as rare as a Carrera GT and is only available in black or white. This exclusivity and limited colour scheme comes at a price though, £128,000 to be precise. But could this be the 2.7 RS of the future? Quite possibly.

Words: Rowan Horncastle